S.c. Cons Ship s.r.l. is specialized in the supply of marine products , essentially anchors , chaincables , winches and windlasses with deliveries on world wide basis.

Its headquarters are located in Galati/Romania.


We are able to offer you "Flipper Delta" 'Stevpris","Drag",Bruce", "Danforth" , "D'Hone" , "Hall" ,"AC-14" ,"NAF","Spek" and "Pool" type. Besides we are able to offer studlink chaincables in all sizes and quality as well as off-shore chains.

Our factories in Romania are able to supply all materials with class certificates.Besides we have stock of materials also manufactured outside of Romania.

We  can supply the famous "Superior Holding Power " anchors which are used in the offshore market for lay and crane barges , multi-purpose offshore support vessels , drilling rings , survey vessels and dredgers.

Due to very good relationships we have World wide with producers of marine equipment, we can also offer you a wide range of equipment, such as : winches and windlasses, capstans, guiding rollers, roller fairleads, Panama Chocks, chain stoppers, bollards, etc.

Should you need any particular Marine equipment your should contact us ! That's the best and simplest way to solve your supply problems!  

We are at your disposal also for some repairs and maintenance operations , in cooperation with companies from Holland and Romania.

We are Agent in Romania for some 1st Class producers of Marine Equipment: CASSENS & PLATH GmbH - Germany ; S.A.S.-GP Scotland; IRM OME - India .

Please do not hesitate in sending your enquiries , on the addresses mentioned in the page "CONTACT"